Tool Assembly Area

The tool assembly area is intended for use when assembling tools in tool holders for use in CNC mills. Check with the Lab Monitor before using the area for any other purpose. The area contains 3 assembly stations that can be used simultaneously. Drawers under the work tables are intended for tool storage and are assigned as needed to students and project groups.

Clothing and Grooming

  • Clothes should fit snugly.
    • Synthetic materials should be avoided.
  • Remove or tuck in any loose strings or ties.
  • Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back.
  • Shoes that cover the entire foot are required.
    • Synthetic materials should be avoided.


  • Safety Glasses are required.
  • Hearing protection is available and may be required at the direction of the acting Lab Monitor.

Available Tools and Equipment

  • (2) Table Vises
  • (3) Work tables
  • Hand tools for tool assembly
  • Hand tools of tool maintenance
  • Project user tool storage drawers


  • Assembly of tools in collet Holders
  • Assembly of tools in rigid holders
  • Mill tooling available in the labs
  • Tooling / drawer request
  • Repair of collet holders