Question: I just want to ___________________, why do I have to jump through all of these hoops?

Answer: Video

Question: Can I work on a personal project here?

Answer: Yes! All that we ask if you register your project with us.

Question: How do I use the 3D printer?

Answer: Makerbot Replicator 2x.

Question: Do you provide stock?

Answer: In most cases we do not provide stock for any projects. You are welcome to check the "Scrap Cart" to see if there are any pieces that will fit your need.

Question: What tools do you have?

Answer: We have just about every hand tool you can think of ranging from pliers to gear pullers to center punches. On the machining side, you can check out our tooling information page.

Question: How do I request a tool or drawer?

Answer: Please visit our tool issuing page.

Question: I took ME1800, does that count as the safety quiz?

Answer: Only if you took ME1800 this academic year and have completed the safety quiz during the class. The safety quiz needs to be completed every academic year.

Question: So I just finished my CAD model and I heard you guys could make it for me

Answer: We do not make anyone's parts. We provide you with the necessary tutorials and guidance for you to create your part.

Question: So I just finished my CAD model, can you guys print it for me?

Answer: No, Please read Makerbot Replicator 2x.

Question: I tried to reserve a machine and it said I wasn't a Basic User but I know that I took the Safety Quiz this academic year, what's wrong?

Answer: There can be a number of things wrong. The most likely culprit is that when you entered your username into the "Operator" field, the computer added a "ECENET\" to the beginning of your username. Simply click on the book icon and enter your username again and select the option with your Last_Name, First_Name. If you continue having trouble, send an email to washburnstaff@wpi.edu for further help.

Question: What machines and capabilities do you have?

Answer: Facilities at the Manufacturing Laboratories

Question: I just need to use the laser cutter, do I have to register my project?

Answer: Yes. Registering your project does two things. First it allows us to track our resource allocation. Secondly, it allows us to gather data so we can present to the administration when justifying additional equipment.

Question: Do you have a suggestions/comments box?

Answer: Yes. We have an anonymous feedback form that users can fill out.